April 04

"The Pink ‘Un"

London, April 12th 1897

WILL C. PEPPER’S first banjo concert at the Steinway Hall, on the 9th inst., went off very successfully. Messrs. Mays and Hunter, from the Alhambra – the world’s wonder banjoists – fairly carried out their threat of "closing down" everything else on the bill. Their manipulation is something marvellous, Hunter’s especially. Master – we beg pardon – Mr. Olley (sic.) Oakley, for he is "getting a big boy now", gave a "masterly" turn on the zither-banjo, and reflects every credit to his coach, Alfred D. Cammeyer, whose style he reproduces in every detail. Pepper’s arrangement of "Dreams of Darkie Land" and "The Columbian March" was played very cleverly, and in perfect time by the "choir", Pepper himself participating. The disappointment of the evening was the absence of Alf Wood, owing to some unfortunate misunderstanding. Banjoists should not forget that Cammeyer’s second concert will be held at St. James’ Hall on the 6th proximo, for which the booking is fast and furious already.


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