This card measures 5" by 4" when folded. The keywords on the front cover are "Rhythm", "World Renowned Banjoist" and "Band". On the reverse side (inside when folded) we see Olly Oakley written with the initial O of each word overlapping. Oakley had already used this design in advertisements during his South Africa tour of 1915-16. Dangling from the head of his cartoon banjo are four musicians while a pianist is playing in the background. According to Ted Oakley the band had six members in all, the line-up being trumpet, saxophone (Ted thinks alto), piano, bass, drums and Oakley on banjo. We know from other sources that Oakley never used a plectrum even when playing in his band. He was able to make himself heard just by picking and strumming with his nails. The original address printed on this card is 17 Cole Park Road, Twickenham. According to Ted the Oakley family moved to this address from 52 Palmerston Road, East Sheen in 1927. The address on the card has been crossed out and a different address, 17 Colston Rd, East Sheen, SW 14, written on in pen. Ted remembers the move to Colston Road happening in around 1932 or 1933, in other words, after Oakley was forced to stop playing because of worsening rheumatoid arthritis. (His last public performance was on New Year’s Day 1931 in Haltwhistle, near Carlisle.)

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